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Jumai launched AMUJ in July 2022 as a multi-platform creative and activism endeavour. Her goal was simple: Establish a continuous-experimentation fashion company that leads in innovative designs, quality and value, but has sexiness, confidence, and the celebration of women as its main medium. Jumai’s visionary approach to creativity and activism remains radical and often termed “troublemaking to conservative society.” Yet it is profoundly sentimental and admired by a broad global audience.

Having shuttled between Nigeria and Ghana during her early education days and taken sewing lessons for years, Jumai travelled to Canada for her foundation, and then to Brunel University in London to study Accounting. During this time, she did a lot of fashion internships to gain industry experience, and her passion for design was evident as she had design sketches plastered all over her dorm room — an exercise she indulged in frequently due to her deep love for design and production.

In her pursuit of furthering her fashion education, she decided to pursue a Master's in International Fashion Design Management at the University of Huddersfield, a city known as the home of most textile mills in the UK. Since the inception of AMUJ, Jumai has been dedicated to translating her wealth of knowledge and expertise into a creative system that enables women and celebrates their femininity.

Established in 2022, AMUJ creates purposefully-crafted pieces that make women feel confident, sexy, and love their bodies more. It goes beyond clothing to inspire self-assuredness, esteem, and authenticity. AMUJ is also a cultural curator, continually exploring and infusing diverse cultural influences into its designs. It embraces a curiosity-driven approach, celebrating identities and unique experiences.

AMUJ's role in society is to curate a fashion narrative that not only celebrates women, but sparks a transformative journey where women discover the power of self-expression through purposefully-crafted pieces.


Our team is sourced from all over the country to find the best individuals who align with the mission and vision of the brand. We come together, each expressing creative freedom, purposefulness, and craftsmanship, to craft pieces that make AMUJ a cultural curator. With each piece, we pay meticulous attention to the smallest of details, ensuring the best fit, feel, and quality. This intimate fashion affair takes place in our Lekki design studio, here in Lagos, Nigeria.

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